Good News For Feminists, Specialy Designed Computer Font Is Here For You All !

In this fast-moving world, a few are there who need everything to be feminized. For them, there is a good news. Now everyone can download a special feminized font on their computer right now. yes, you read it right, a company has developed a special feminized font that is available online. The most interesting part is in this font all the letters are a part of human body. didn’t get it? Have a look at this image and you will have no more doubts.


The first alphabet itself is a great design, A stands for Ass- kicking career women. Continued by B as a birth symbol. Moving forward Sand T are two most relatable things.  S is salary and T is ovary shaped figure, Lastly W is for women in power and X is chromosomes ( XX chromosomes is responsible for the birth of a Women ) 

Hope, you have downloaded this font meanwhile, the font name is  “The Feminist Letters”.The maker of this font Leslie Sims said “The Feminist Letters gives activists a way to send a message in a font that really sends a message,”


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