Coachella : Beyonce Tried Helping Sister Solange On Stage, But What Followed Will Leave You Awestruck, Watch Video

Doing what she does the best Beyonce  did not disappoint the Coachella audition on the closing weekend as well.   Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday night saw something which left the audience go awestruck. For her performance Beyonce brought her sister on stage again turning it once again into what fans lovingly call as “Beychella.”


The 36 years old pop icon planned to pick her sister on stage but things didn’t go as smoothly it was planned. As Beyonce bent a little to pick her 31 year old sister during a dance routine they both lost her balance and both the sisters adorably tumbled to the floor.

As they fell on the floor, they laughed it off and without wasting a second both the sisters returned back to the choreographed routine as they are seasoned professional entertainers. This too adorable to handle fall of sibling was captured by there fans and the video of same was posted on Twitter under the hashtags #toocute and #beychella.

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